To improve its performance on coffee production and marketing, Ritma Green is assisted by PUM Netherlands. Established in 1978 as PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers) by the Dutch employers association (VNO-)NCW, PUM Netherlands senior experts is a non-profit organization, which has been advising businesses in developing countries and emerging markets for more than 40 years. To this end, PUM links these businesses, at their request, to Dutch professionals who voluntarily devote their considerable experience to creating a better world. PUM, therefore, promotes entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, and the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises locally. By allowing these professionals (experts) to execute short-term, solid consultancy projects at the work floor, businesses can establish sufficient knowledge to develop into a growth engine for the local economy. This benefits both employment and the sustainable economic development of the region. Furthermore, as the contacts established in this manner regularly develop into major trade relations, the Dutch economy also benefits.PUM has assigned Mr. Paul En Astrid Van Der Hulst to assist Ritma Green and its partner coffee SMEs. Assistance provided among others is improving the quality of green beans, roasted coffee, and ground coffee produced and building capacity for market linkage with coffee buyers in the Netherlands. Early this year, Ritma Green had sent some coffee samples for cupping in Amsterdam. The expert is initially scheduled to pay a two-weeks visit this August for observing and improving Ritma Green’s coffee business performance. However, Corona pandemic forces reschedule while assistance
should be temporarily carried out online