Biogas For Cooking

Policy Advocacy

Engaging various parties in its works, Ritma Green has actively cooperated with policy makers at all levels in providing policy advocacy in the renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, water management, and SME development. Part of sustainable coffee practices promotion, the social enterprise is now advocating social forestry scheme.

Access to Market (A2M)

Ritma Green facilitates Access to Market (A2M) to its assisted SMEs to shorten supply chain and obtain better margin. The market facilitation also enables the social enterprise to get revenue streams to replicate, scale-up, and sustain its works. Some products facilitated are green beans coffee, roasted coffee, ground coffee, coffee nursery, bio-slurry compost, and bio-slurry foliar fertilizer.

Access to Technology (A2T)

Ritma Green continuously improves smallholder farmers’ Access to Technology (A2T). The technologies should be in the nexus of
sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and water management.

Access to Market (A2M)

To boost the adoption and deployment of the technologies, Ritma Green facilitates Access to Finance (A2F) to its assisted SMEs. The A2F is essential for the assisted SME’s business development and eventually to improve the livelihoods of the smallholder farmers.